sugar combs


Quotes I just received my order from Rachel and I am so happy! I am just thrilled with the work that she has done and can't wait to get more items from her. I know my Suggies will love it all!!! Quotes
So Happy!!!

Quotes Rachel has gone above and beyond as a vendor. I had another vendor leave me having paid for cage covers, and all I got was cut fabric. I can't sew, so I shipped the fabric to Rachel and I got amazing cage covers that she made for me. I am SO excited to have them, and I will always be loyal to Rachel. Rachel also makes amazing bonding pouches, my gliders love them and so do my customers. Rachel made me 20 of them for my joeys who leave, and they were done so quickly and excellently that I will never order bonding pouches from anyone else. Quotes
Customer and Fan!

Quotes I have one of Rachel's amazing sugar combs as well as a bonding pouch. I absolutely love them both and she has done a great job on them. Minimum seams and I can trust my gliders in them without me worrying of little toes and fingers getting caught is the seams. She has made my bonding pouch to my specifications and the same with the sugar comb. The fabric I wanted was not a problem for her to get and she made it within minuets! She did a fantastic job and I could not have asked for better service. Well done Rachel and I will definitely be a returning customer! Quotes
Reggie Winters, Dayton Gliders
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Fantastic! My gliders absolutely love them & play hide 'n' seek in them. Worth every penny! Quotes

Quotes I just received my large sugar comb and my 3 gliders absolutely love it. They were investigating for hours last night. So happy with my purchase. Thank you!! Quotes
So happy

Quotes I have 3 froggie related cage sets. Absolutely love them and so does my Momo and Petrie. Video of their cage decked out with one of their frog sets Here's Mr. Petrie enjoying his Sugar Comb Quotes

Quotes Absolutely the greatest "hut" for my babies. They pick which level they want to sleep in depending on temperature in the room or how cozy they want to be. I give one to every new glider "humans" when my babies leave. Keep up the great work! Quotes

Quotes I got mine as a surprise christmas gift, and my gliders all LOVE it! They slept in the first night! <3 Quotes
lucky comb owner!

Quotes I love the sugar combs as well as her full cage sets she makes everything VERY well & my gliders have so much fun in them! Quotes
Satisfied customer & friend

Quotes Ordered and got an amazingly well made suggie comb.Victoria was willing to work with me on payment method,and I am so thankful,because this is definitely the most loved and used thing in my suggies cage right now.Don't second guess yourself this is an amazing product and it is made with amazing craftsman ship!!!! Quotes